Poll: How Much Will 'The Wolverine' Make This Weekend?

While the fanboy world may still be buzzing about Batman/Superman, Avengers 2 and The X-Men, a familiar face is returning to the box office this weekend. Yes, the quick-tempered bundle of furious rage and emotional torment that is The Wolverine hits theaters this weekend. So how much do you think Wolvie will bank?

The Wolverine

What's the Scoop: Hugh Jackman returns for his sixth stint as Wolverine. This second stand-alone movie featuring the often-angry, constantly tormented mutant is based off of the 1982 series written by comic book legends Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Acclaimed director James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) directs.

How Much Will It Make This Weekend: Early estimates had the film taking in around $80 million, but those numbers have backed off a bit. Thursday screenings brought in $4 million for a solid start and the film should bank around $70 million, which is still short of the previous Wolverine stand-alone film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which kicked off its box office run with $85 million. That film ended up making $179 million domestically and $373 million worldwide.

What the Critics Are Saying:

"It's a credit to the production team that these elements somehow work, with the movie at its best as a superhero/Asian crime drama mash-up."  -- Raju Mudhar, Toronto Star

"Loses its way in the third act, but James Mangold cooks up a nice mystery-thriller in the early going." – Clint O'Connor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"If Raymond Chandler wrote a mutant movie, it would look a lot like this." -- Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal



My Prediction: The Thursday numbers are a bit higher than I expected and social word of mouth has been mediocre at best. I'm taking the under and going with around $65 million. What do you think? Vote below.


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