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Pets Named After 'Hunger Games' Characters

As an incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and often obsessive pet owner and movie lover, it is immensely fulfilling to bestow a movie-themed name upon a furry new member of the family. Even though an addiction to Scream won out and compelled me to dub my little guy Dewey, there are loads of pets out there with Hunger Games-inspired names and in honor of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we want to give them even more love than they’re already getting.
Finnick the Cat
Mandy dubbed her cat Finnick her “loveable, adorable boy.” Further proving that Finnick is deserving of his Hunger Games name, Mandy explained, “He's very charming and personable, and has to know everything that's going on.” Does that sound like a certain someone who trades big money for Capitol secrets to you or what?  
Effie the Dog
Just like our favorite lovable, outrageous and eccentric escort in The Hunger Games, Renee called her dog Effie Trinket “a strange little girl.” In fact, when Renee first brought Effie home, the pup was so terrified Renee could pose her like a doll. However, even though little Effie was both petrified and apparently quite malleable, Renee explained, “Regardless of how you posed her, she always kept her head high in the air like she was better than everything around her.” Renee insisted that Effie is far more relaxed now, but even though she’s grown quite comfortable at home, she still sits with her head held high.
Finnick the Fish
Hailing from the fishing district, there just had to be a fish named Finnick out there and, sure enough, Sylvia has Finnick. Even though she didn’t plan on picking up a pet during an impromptu trip to the pet store back in the summer of 2012, she walked out with two fish named after District 4’s prized couple, Finnick and Annie. Sadly, Annie’s bout in the Hunger Games took more of a toll on her than Finnick and she passed after a few months, but Finnick is still alive and thriving. Sylvia noted, “He definitely reminds me of Finnick by staying strong and being very outgoing after all the bad things in his life.”
Odair the Hedgehog
Who knew hedgehogs were so darn cute? Now that that’s been established, it’s obvious why Rachel was inspired to name her little guy after a particularly dashing Hunger Games victor. When Odair the hedgehog isn’t nibbling on cat food, dried fruit or insects, he enjoys running in his wheel, making a mess of his home and steering clear of bath time. Rachel joked, “While he does have quills, they don't shoot and aren't poisonous, but he won the Hunger Games due to their impenetrable sharpness.”
Tributes the Fish
Perhaps this is a little cynical, but it’s just too appropriate. Meet Sara’s fish, the Tributes. She admitted, “We call them our Tributes because they get sort of hysterical when we feed them, and act like the Careers do at the Cornucopia when the Hunger Games begin.” But have no fear! Should the situation get out of hand during feeding time, Captain America is there to maintain order.
Peeta the Kitten
You know how you just want to pinch Josh Hutcherson’s cheeks when he’s in full generous, loving-boy-with-bread mode? So is the case with McKenzie’s kitten Peeta. Peeta is one of six kittens and McKenzie was absolutely thrilled to get to name him after her favorite Hunger Games character. Peeta is definitely the most playful of the bunch and enjoys pouncing on his unsuspecting brothers and his sisters.
Rue the Cat
Having watched young Rue taunt Cato by stealing his knife during training only to turn around and help save Katniss’ life in the arena, it’s no wonder that Larson called her cat Rue very playful, but also very kind. Clearly Rue enjoys cuddling up with her buddy Lila, but she’s also a particularly warm and loving pet. Larson proclaimed, “Rue is very gentle and she never lashes out at anyone. She is a great companion.”
Octavia the Turtle
It’s tough competing with über famous Hunger Games victors like Katniss, Peeta and Finnick, but Banan opted to give a Hunger Games unsung hero a shout-out by naming her turtle after a member of Katniss’ prep team, Octavia. Unfortunately Octavia passed away, but she’s a pet Banan will never forget as Octavia was her first pet ever. Banan lamented, “Everybody made fun of me when I got her and even made more fun of me when they knew the name,” but she noted, “She was lovely and she’s got style just like the character she was named after.”
Effie the Dog
Shelley’s dog Effie may not be like Suzanne Collin’s Effie Trinket in that she’s described as easygoing, but Effie the dog does know how to rock a prim-and-proper look just like her namesake. When Effie isn’t showing her Hunger Games pride by posing in front of all of her THG goodies, she’s hanging with her big brother Gizmo and “head nuzzling” her humans.
Buttercup the Cat
Even though Katniss isn’t fond of Buttercup, the outrage that erupted after Gary Ross substituted the cat with the “muddy yellow coat” from the book with a black-and-white rendition for the film proved that Buttercup has a special place in the fandom’s heart and particularly in Amy and her daughter’s. After rescuing a cat at a local gas station, Amy was shocked to find out that the cat was pregnant. As soon Amy’s daughter laid eyes on one particular new edition to their family, she knew he had to be Buttercup. However, Amy admitted, “I, personally, thought Buttercup was a mouthful so I decided on B.C.”
Katniss the Cat
Even more likely than cats named Buttercup are cats named Katniss, so our final three entries are all dedicated to cats named after our favorite bow and arrow-toting heroine Katniss Everdeen. Anissa calls her Katniss “wild and totally crazy.” Katniss also digs her namesake just as much as her owner. While reading Mockingjay, Katniss insists on climbing up on Anissa’s bed and cozying up with the book. 
Katniss the Kitten
As someone with history of adopting rescue animals, Lori was on the hunt for a new addition to her family and specifically had her heart set on finding a calico cat. Not only is Lori a huge Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence fan, but she also gives all of her cats names with the word “cat” in them, so dubbing her latest edition Katniss was a given. Lori joked, “She is a warrior and loves to take on Fat Cat who is twice her size.”
Katniss the Cat
When you get a cat and your kids are big Hunger Games fans, odds are, your new pet will be named Katniss and, sure enough, Lili now has a Katniss in her life, and with her very own Mockingjay bling nonetheless! Unlike Katniss from the books and films, Lili’s Katniss isn’t particularly skilled when it comes to climbing trees. Lili recalled that last Christmas, Katniss got into the habit of hanging around their Christmas tree. One day, she opted to try to hop up on it. Lili recalled, “We heard it slide down the wall of the living room slowly and then it crashed and she came running out of the living room.” Even though the incident gave poor Katniss a good scare, once Lili fixed the damage, Katniss still enjoyed cuddling up under it – just not on it.
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