'Paranormal' Party Time!

In case you hadn't already heard (but we know all of you Fandango movie fans know this already, right?), a little horror movie called Paranormal Activity has been tearing it up at the box office. While it's rumored that the film - a haunted couple story featuring zero gore, minimal effects, and unknown stars - cost a mere $16,000, it's already wracked up over $30 million and is still only playing in 760 theaters. This week, the nifty thriller continues to expand its release, and Paramount continues its saavy marketing of the film. This Thursday night, at 10 theaters only, the studio will host exclusive Paranormal Activity parties.

How does that work, you ask? It's simple, dear horror lovers...

Buy a ticket for the 12:01AM show on 10/23/09 (or in the case of some of theaters, it'll be the 11:59PM show on 10/22/09). Tell enough of your fellow terror enthusiasts and friends, and if it's one of the first 10 to sell out, you can party with your buddies and those pesky spirits from the netherworld.

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