'Ouija' Trailer: See Why Teen Girls Should Leave Dead Things Alone

The first trailer for the teen horror movie Ouija has arrived online, and you can watch it below.

It's kind of surprising that there hasn't been a Ouija board-centric horror movie since 1986's Witchboard, starring Whitesnake music-video model Tawny Kitaen. Sure, the paranormal communication device has popped up in movies since then - its most notable recent appearance in Paranormal Activity - but people have stayed away from it as the crux of a horror movie. Leave it to producers Michael Bay and Jason Blum to change that.

Ouija stars Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff, Bianca A. Santos and a handful of other young, fresh faces as a group of teens who use the titular spirit board to figure out what, or who, killed their friend. We're guessing they quickly learn you can't dabble in the black arts without the black arts dabbling with you.

The first trailer for the Stiles White-directed flick hit online today, and it looks like a fun, frightening flick for those of us who love watching high schoolers in a horror movie realize they've made a huge mistake. On another note, we're putting away our Ouija board for awhile. 

Ouija hits theaters on October 24, just in time time to use it as a theme for your Halloween parties.

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