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Oscar Poll: Which Film Do You Want to See Win Best Picture?

The nominations are out, and we finally have the list of ten films competing for Best Picture of the year. Sure, you have your obvious frontrunners in The Social Network, The King’s Speech and Black Swan, but there are seven other great films right alongside those three hoping that maybe this will be their year.

Oscar Nominations

Heck, Toy Story 3 was the best reviewed film of the year, as well as the highest grossing, so maybe it will swoop in and pull off an upset. Or how about The Fighter, which may sweep the supporting categories with wins for both Christian Bale and Melissa Leo (both of whom swept these categories at the Golden Globes). Then you have your second tier Best Picture contenders like 127 Hours, The Kids are All Right, True Grit and Winter’sBone that are more than capable of taking home the big trophy.
But this time around, it’s not about which film should win or could win – what we want to know is which film you want to win. Which film out of these ten do you feel is the best picture of the year?
Sound off below and let us know!

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