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One Big Scene: 'Giant Slayer' Jack's Thrilling Escape Excites Audience

One Big Scene: 'Giant Slayer' Jack's Thrilling Escape Excites Audience

Everything in Bryan Singer's new action adventure Jack the Giant Slayer is big – the action, the sprawling landscape shots and, of course, the giants.

The first hour treads through pretty familiar territory (poor boy Jack trades his horse for magical beans that get wet and sprout a massive stalk ascending to the heavens), but once the humans – Nicholas Hoult's Jack, Ewan McGregor's valiant and heroic guardian Elmont and the duplicitous Roderick (Stanley Tucci) among others – ascend to Giant Land to save Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson), that's where the CGI magic takes over.

Indeed, the sequences are so sweeping that Jack the Giant Slayer is one of those films where an IMAX screen almost seems like a mandatory part of the viewing experience. The film concludes with an extended and thrilling action sequence in which the giants climb down to Earth and invade the castle. The Royal Guard heroically fights off the invaders with fire, arrows and a magical relic in a sequence that unfolds over the film's final thirty minutes.

Before we jump into the one big scene, the reviews:


What the Critics are Saying:

''Jack the Giant Slayer'' ends up being smart, thrilling and a whole lot of fun. – Christy Lemire, Associated Press

Simply in terms of efficient storytelling, clear logistics and consistent viewer engagement, Jack is markedly superior to the recent "Hobbit." – Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter

Jack The Giant Slayer can't seem to decide whether it wants to play its hand as a lithe, sweeping fable or a more grounded action-adventure with legendary accessories. – Brent Simon, Screen International

The Scene:

As mentioned in the intro, much of this movie is run-of-the-mill until our heroes climb the beanstalk, which Singer pays great detail to. You could easily peg any number of scenes involving the giants, including the action sequence that closes out the movie.

But we're going to zero in on the one scene that had an early screening audience applauding in delight. The sequence occurs toward the beginning of the third act and sets up the final battle at the castle.

Having successfully escaped the giants, Jack and Isabelle are climbing down the beanstalk. Isabelle's father, King Brahmwell (Ian McShane) has decided to sacrifice his daughter after a giant comes crashing to Earth as part of the duo's escape plan. He orders his men to cut down the beanstalk, not knowing that Jack and his daughter are climbing down during the process.

As the beanstalk begins to crumble, its roots snapping up from the ground and twisting with great fury, Jack takes one of the stalk's vines and, with Isabelle firmly grasping on to him, swings from the clouds all the way down to the ground, sliding to a stop mere inches from a sharp blade.

The breath-taking sequence had audiences applauding with delight. From there, the action kicks into another gear as the giants descend from the heavens and proceed to invade the castle.

You can see a quick snippet of this sequence in this trailer around the 1:40 mark. If you're going to check out Giant Slayer this weekend, feel free to share your big scene below.

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