Of Course Sesame Street Did a Hysterical 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Parody

May the cookies be ever in your flavor! 

As the world awaits the release of Francis Lawrence’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, a slew of easy parodies sling arrows at Suzanne Collins’ YA literary series. Few, though, are as clever (and cute) as this. 
The Hungry Games: Catching Fur introduces a googly-eyed representative from District 12 named Cookieness Evereat, who volunteered for the original competition and was THRILLED she’d never have to compete again. Except she’s back. (“Wait, what?”) 

OK, maybe the jokes are easy. But I laughed out loud at Peeta’s Muppet counterpart being an actual piece of pita bread. And the spoof follows several beats from Collins’ book, from the emergence of a deadly fog to the threat of deadly – and adorable – monkeys. 
Have kids who are asking if they can go see The Hunger Games this weekend? Start small. Introduce them to The Hungry Games! They might prefer it to Lawrence’s mature take on Collins’ material. 
As for the actual Hunger Games, tickets are on sale at the moment for open screenings of Catching Fire. For a limited time, grab tickets to a double feature of the first two Hunger Games films. (Find info here.) And while you are waiting for the film to open, browse our extensive Catching Fire photo gallery, only on Fandango!




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