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NYCC Recap: Sony Screens New 'Underworld: Awakening,' 'Total Recall' and 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Footage

Even though The Amazing Spider-Man disappointed fans by failing to make an appearance during Sony’s Saturday presentation at New York Comic Con, they were treated to a surprise video call by Len Wiseman who introduced new footage from his two upcoming movies – Underworld: Awakening and the Total Recall reboot.

Wiseman began with Underworld, which he is producing this time around, and promised the series would feature a different look. The basic plot line finds an evil corporation experimenting on werewolves and vampires, pitting the monsters against humans. Right off the bat, this fourth Underworld appears to be following in the vein of the Resident Evil franchise.
The cliché-riddled 3D footage begins with the usual scenes of Kate Beckinsale kicking butt with some gimmicky fly-at-the-screen 3D moments. The new trailer also reveals a bit more of the story, with Beckinsale’s Selene awaking from cryo-sleep over a decade in the future. She also has a daughter, a powerful vamp/werewolf hybrid who plays a pivotal part in the war against humans.
Next up Wiseman introduced some new scenes from his Total Recall remake.
The first showed Colin Farrell as Quaid hearing about the Recall program and walking into a waiting room to be greeted by a white-haired John Cho. Cho tells Quaid that the Recall program would present a new virtual experience and allow him to pretend to be an entirely new person, like perhaps, a spy. The film departs from the Paul Verhoeven original and makes us question whether Quaid has undergone the treatment or if it’s been paused before it began with his identity as a spy being uncovered.
In the next sequence, Quaid turns into Jason Bourne. Well, not literally, but the martial arts action sequence accompanied by sweeping, flashy 360 degree camera spins show Quaid running, shooting and fighting CG bad guys who look like Stormtroopers, in muted color tones reminiscent of Live Free or Die Hard.
We also get a fistfight scene between Jessica Biel and Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston wrapping up the footage with the final line – "You don’t have the most reliable of memories."
Finally, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor took the stage presenting their Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance featurette similar to the one screened at San Diego Comic Con. To duo unveiled a new trailer showcasing more violence and edge in this new version of The Rider.
The pair then addressed the differences between this movie and the 2007 version. "You’re not supposed to be amused by him," Taylor said. "He’s darker, scarier, nastier, he’s a demon from Hell. He’s supposed to be intense, and awesome, you really don’t want to be in the same room with him."
Taylor also took exception to the cheesy moments in the first movie, singling out the scene where spikes pop out of The Rider’s jacket as being wrong.
While this new Ghost Rider is in 3D, it’s post-converted, a process the pair defended.
"We tested this a lot. It was always going to be a 3D movie," Taylor said. "We’ve been crazy about 3D for a while and we wanted to do Crank 2 in 3D. We figured there was no way we could shoot the kind of movies we wanted with the 3D rigs."
Taylor said he would hold the 3D in this movie next to any movie, saying that its state of the art, looks great and they put a lot of time into it.
Underworld: Awakening opens January 20th, 2012, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance opens February 17th and Total Recall arrives August 3rd.
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