No More 'Thank You' Speeches at the Oscars?

What do you think about the 'Thank You' speeches at the Oscars, or any awards show, really? Are they boring? Lame? Inspiring? Funny? Not worth our time? Well, Academy organizers agree that it's really no fun to watch a parade of actors take to the stage to thank their agents and managers and the crafts service guy, and so this year they've done something a little different in that they asked nominees to prepare two speeches.

Halle Berry

Two speeches, you say? Yup, two. One speech will be filled with all the "thank yous" to whomever, and nominees will be able to read this speech into a camera backstage. Those "thank yous" will then be available online for all to see. In the meantime, Academy organizers want the other speech – the one actually read on stage – to be more about what winning the Oscar means to them. Essentially, they want to figure out a way to create "that magical Oscar moment" with each person who receives an award.
Heck, why only settle for one actor or actress crying their eyes out if we can get, like, 10? I'd be curious to see how this turns out, because up there on stage in the moment things can get a little all over the place. Plus, agents and managers and producers like it when they're thanked publicly like that, so I wonder if the nominees will even listen to Oscar's new rules, even if they are a very smart idea.
What do you think? Do you like Oscar's plan to cut down the "Thank You" speeches, or do you feel they belong since they've been a part of awards tradition for years now?
[via Reuters]
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