‘New Year’s Eve’ Trailer Premieres, Who’d Be Your Midnight Kiss?

With a final cast longer than an awards-night guest list, the first trailer for Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve has hit the ‘net. What can we deduce from this follow-up to last year’s Valentine’s Day, which raked in over $200 million worldwide despite some the most negative critical reviews of 2010?

First it seems the story centers on Ashton Kutcher, who’s bummed out about it being New Year’s Eve so Zac Efron and Glee’s Lea Michele try to cheer him up. Zac then gets propositioned by Michelle Pfeiffer who wants him to help fulfill her resolutions. Taking bets now that her character has some sort of terminal illness.
Among the subplots, a pregnant Jessica Biel’s water breaks and husband Seth Meyers ushers her to the hospital, Josh Duhamel is searching for some serendipitous love, Katherine Heigl slaps Jon Bon Jovi over some sort of history between the two while her gal-pal Sofia Vergara looks on and offers up punch lines. Hilary Swank appears to be working during the big night and has something going on with Ludacris’ security guard character while Halle Berry wears a dress by Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh and Robert De Niro cameos with a generic line about New York during the holiday…. and that’s only half the cast.
We’re sure to get another trailer as this film doesn’t come out until December 9, but with this new batch of big-name actors and actresses, we felt the urge to ask the obvious question: Who from the cast would be your midnight kiss? Vote below in the poll and check out the trailer.

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