New Videos: 'Iron Baby,' 'Life As We Know It' and Hurt Locker in 4D

From Iron Man to Iron Baby

It might be hard to weed your way through all the Iron Man spoof videos, so we’ll do it for you. This new video, titled Iron Baby, is an absolute blast. It takes Iron Man and the recent film Babies, and mixes the two to show us what it would look like if there was a baby flying around in that Iron Man suit, heading off to strange places to fight bunnies with machine guns. The effects are top notch, and they’re really what seal the deal here. The worst thing about this is that it doesn’t go on long enough. Give us more Iron Baby! Watch the video below …

Life As We Know It Trailer
I have to admit that I’m not crazy about Katherine Heigl. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely turned me off from some of her most recent rom-com attempts (27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth). However, this new trailer for Life As We Know It – where she stars opposite Josh Duhamel – just may have the makings of a certified hit with critics and audiences. Either that, or the trailer has us all fooled.
In the film, Heigl and Duhamel play two people who know each other through a couple that have asked them to be their kid’s godparents. Naturally, they don’t like each other for whatever reasons, but must put all those feelings aside when their friends die and name them as the child’s guardians – forcing these strangers to move in together and attempt to become a family to honor their friends’ wishes. It looks cute, and it even comes with the obligatory “poop on the face” joke. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

The Hurt Locker Goes 4D
Finally, as part of the promotion for the MTV Movie Awards, host Aziz Ansari joined Justin Bieber and Jeremy Renner for a little sketch that involves them watching The Hurt Locker in 4D, which is, like, totally better than 3D because in 4D Jeremy Renner actually stands in front of your TV and diffuses bombs. Problems arise, though, when Renner loses concentration because the other two guys are talking during the movie. It’s pretty funny, even if I still don’t get the fascination with Justin Bieber. Check it out down below …



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