New on DVD: 'Wreck-It Ralph' Saves the Day, and the Week

Wreck-It Ralph This release from Disney went up against Pixar's Brave for Oscar gold this year, and most pundits had Ralph beating the animation powerhouse's entry. There's a good reason for that--Ralph is terrific, a play on old school vs. new school video games with characters you'll recognize from 1980s arcade games as well as allusions to modern-day games wrapped up in a cute story about a misunderstood bad guy. John C. Reilly voices Ralph, tired of playing the destroyer in his game who makes a break for it in an attempt he can be a hero too. The film spends a little too much time in the candyland of "Sugar Rush" and the pace is a little frenetic, but Reilly gives the character a ton of heart and the references are a lot of fun. Extras: The Oscar-winning short Paperman, "Creating the Worlds of Ralph," deleted scenes, commercials (DVD/BD); the BD adds a 10-segment insider's look hosted by Chris Hardwick.

The Intouchables This French box office phenom is a feel-good crowdpleaser about a pompous quadriplegic who hires a hoodie-wearing street tough as his assistant, only to find they become great friends and teach each other valuable lessons as well. Extras: Five deleted scenes (DVD/BD).

Playing for Keeps Rom-com starring Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel, about a former soccer star who falls on hard times and goes home to his ex to coach his son's soccer team and rebuild his life. Take your chances. Extras: Seven deleted scenes and two featurettes on the making-of and casting (DVD/BD).

Red Dawn Yet another remake nobody asked for, this was actually filmed before Chris Hemsworth became a huge star with Thor -- call it Red Dawn Lite. This time the North Koreans are the baddies invading the U.S., and it's Hemsworth's Iraq vet and a bunch of dweeby teens who come to the rescue. Hemsworth, it's worth noting, is the best actor of the lot.

New on Blu

Schindler's List Steven Spielberg's true Holocaust story about a Nazi who risked his own life to save hundreds of Jews celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new limited edition BD/DVD combo pack with Ultraviolet and digital copy, restored from the original negative and presented in lossless DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio surround. Features include a documentary with Holocaust survivors and the story behind Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation, both included on the original 2004 DVD.

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