New on DVD: 'Warrior,' 'Midnight in Paris,' More...Plus Win 'Warrior' Swag!

Warrior Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy give knockout (pardon the pun) performances as estranged brothers who end up meeting in the ring. Edgerton is Brendan, who goes back to MMA fighting as a way to keep food on his family's table and slugs his way to a prizewinning competition. Hardy is angry Iraq vet Tommy, who enters the same competition as his brother has, being trained by their recovering-alcoholic dad (Nick Nolte) whom neither son can stand. Sure, it's predictable (most sports movies are) but this one is elevated by masterful performances on everyone's part and some terrific fight scenes care of director Gavin O’Connor. Extras: Audio commentary, making-of documentary, featurette on the philosophy of MMA, gag reel, deleted scene (DVD/BD); the BD adds an in-depth look at the film and on-camera commentary. Also available on VOD and digital download.

Giveaway!  We offer you this chance to win a Blu-ray combo pack of the movie, Warrior poster signed by the principle cast and director, man's and woman's T-shirts (1 each), and the movie soundtrack. Just tell us in the comments below, what is your favorite fighting/boxing movie? Winner will be chosen at random on Jan. 4 and notified via email, so please enter using a Fandango account, or we can't get hold of you.

Midnight in Paris Woody Allen hasn't been on top of his game in recent years, but this loveable, sweet and yes, even funny movie marks something of a return to more familiar territory for the director. Owen Wilson is a Hollywood screenwriter with writer's block who travels with his fiancee to Paris, where one night he magically encounters a taxi full of famous bygone-era writers and artists that whisks him into the city's literary past. He spends his days in the present, biding his time until midnight when the vintage cab will bring him back to the Jazz Age and his new (well, old) friends.Extras: "Midnight in Cannes" featurette (DVD/BD), cast/crew photo galleries (BD)

Margin Call With a storyline ripped from the 2008 headlines, director J.C. Chandor's debut involves an investment bank about to be taken down thanks to some unsavory info about mortgage-backed securities that comes to light. The execs (Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons) have 24 hours to solve the crisis. Extras: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, photo gallery (DVD/BD)

Also new:

Straw Dogs The deep South isn't so welcoming to a Hollywood screenwriter and his actress wife in this remake of Sam Peckinpah's controversial 1971 original.

Colombiana A young woman (Zoe Saldana) trains to be a professional killer in order to avenge her parents' murder that she witnessed as a child. If you buy that tiny Saldana in her undies can beat off the baddies with those pipe-cleaner arms, then you probably liked Salt, too.

Dolphin Tale Family film based on the true story of an injured dolphin saved by a prosthetic tail and the love of a young boy.

Glee: The Concert Movie

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