New on DVD: 'Warm Bodies,' and the 'Mad Max' Trilogy Awesome New Blu-ray Box Set!

New on DVD: 'Warm Bodies,' and the 'Mad Max' Trilogy Awesome New Blu-ray Box Set!

Warm Bodies Nicholas Hoult makes for one charming undead high school-aged undead (named only "R") who falls for a very much alive young lady (Teresa Palmer, and who wouldn't?) after a zombie apocalypse takes over the world. After they meet cute and all the humans in her group die, he takes her home, where they listen to old records and she teaches him to drive -- and suddenly, he starts to come alive again. Sorta. He still likes snacking on her ex's brain and can only communicate in grunts, but what's not to love? Extras: nine featurettes (including zombie acting tips from Rob Corddry), deleted scenes, director commentary and gag reel (DVD/BD).

Identity Thief Someone had the brilliant idea of teaming up Jason Bateman as the straight man (what else) and Melissa McCarthy as the slapsticky buffoon, and the result was a whopper at the box office. The resulting movie, well... whether it ended up being any good is for you to judge. Rotten Tomatoes' top critics gave it an underwhelming 24% rotten. Your call. Extras: gag reel, making-of featurette (DVD/BD); the BD adds featurettes on the humor and "The Skiptracer's Van," with costar Robert Patrick in character, alternate takes.

A Good Day to Die Hard Wherefore art thou, John McClane? Phoning in Playing the iconic character for the fifth time, Bruce Willis heads half-cocked to Russia to save his son (Jai Courtney, game to do his best) from a life of petty crime, only to find out the kid is working for the CIA. Hijacks and hijinks ensue, and by the time the last helicopter is literally pulled from the sky, you'll be wishing for McClane's funeral fast enough. Extras: commentary, deleted scenes, a stills gallery, and eight making-of/behind-the-scenes featurettes (DVD/BD).

Escape from Planet Earth An all-star cast including Brendan Fraser, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara and more voice this animated kids' movie about a legendary space traveler who gets ambushed by a power-mad military leader, leaving his brainy brother to come to the rescue. Extras: director commentary, making-of, alternate takes/deleted scenes, music featurettes for the kiddos.

New to Blu

Mad Max Trilogy The gritty, violent movies that made Mel Gibson a star starting back in 1979 with Mad Max and followed by Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ( (1985) -- make their way to Blu-ray in a slick metal tin fitting of this dystopian trilogy. The first two have seen stand-alone BD releases already, but it marks Beyond Thunderdome's debut in the format (Tina Turner, yeeessss!). Bonus features are fairly lean (Mad Max has a commentary and the "Mad Max: The Film Phenomenon" featurette; The Road Warrior includes a commentary and introduction by Leonard Maltin, and Beyond Thunderdome's only extra is the film's trailer). But, no matter--it's great to have all three films in high-def together in one set.

Clint Eastwood 20- and 40-Film Collections As part of its 90th anniversary celebration, Warner Bros. is releasing two box sets of Eastwood classics.

The 20-Film Collection includes 20 feature films plus two documentaries (BD):

  1. A Perfect World
  2. Dirty Harry
  3. Every Which Way But Loose
  4. Firefox
  5. Gran Torino
  6. Heartbreak Ridge
  7. Hereafter
  8. Invictus
  9. J. Edgar
  10. Letters from Iwo Jima
  11. Magnum Force
  12. Million Dollar Baby
  13. Mystic River
  14. Pale Rider
  15. Space Cowboys
  16. Sudden Impact
  17. The Gauntlet
  18. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  19. Trouble with the Curve
  20. Unforgiven
  21. Eastwood Factor Documentary
  22. Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story Documentary


The 40-Film Collection includes 38 feature films and two documentaries (DVD):

  1. Million Dollar Baby
  2. Mystic River
  3. Pale Rider
  4. Pink Cadillac
  5. A Perfect World
  6. Absolute Power
  7. Any Which Way You Can
  8. Bird
  9. Blood Work
  10. Bronco Billy
  11. City Heat
  12. Dirty Harry
  13. Every Which Way But Loose
  14. Firefox
  15. Gran Torino
  16. Heartbreak Ridge
  17. Hereafter
  18. Honkytonk Man
  19. Invictus
  20. J. Edgar
  21. Kelly’s Heroes
  22. Letters from Iwo Jima
  23. Magnum Force
  24. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  25. Space Cowboys
  26. Sudden Impact
  27. The Bridges of Madison County
  28. The Dead Pool
  29. The Enforcer
  30. The Gauntlet
  31. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  32. The Rookie
  33. Tightrope
  34. Trouble with the Curve
  35. True Crime
  36. Unforgiven
  37. Where Eagles Dare
  38. White Hunter Black Heart
  39. Eastwood Factor Documentary
  40. Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story Documentary
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