New on DVD: 'The Runaways,' 'The Losers,' 'Cop Out,' More

The Runaways You can probably count the number of Runaways songs you know on one hand, and certainly you can ask, was there really a need to make a movie about this ‘70s girl glam-punk band whose members’ real fame came much later with their solo careers?

'The Runaways'

What saves this from being completely pointless are the fearless performances (and darn good singing) by Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett (so much better here than in those other movies) and Dakota Fanning as singer Cherie Curie, as well as Michael Shannon as the group’s creepy manager. Extras: Commentary with Joan Jett, Stewart and Fanning, two featurettes on the making-of and the Runaways themselves (DVD/BD)

The Losers A hardcore CIA black-ops team (among them Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, Chris Evans) is set up in the jungle, left for dead and dishonored by a rogue agent (Jason Patric, suitably evil) who targeted them for assassination. The entire rest of the movie is about their pursuit of revenge and returning home to salvage their good names. Sound like The A-Team? Well, it kind of is, with a vixen whose intentions are unclear (Zoe Saldana) thrown in the mix. Even though the whole thing is pretty silly, the stunts are fun, the action keeps moving, and the acting and dialogue is better than what you normally find in these popcorn blow-ups. In all, a good time if you check your brain at the door. Watch an exclusive clip. Extras: Featurettes on Saldana being the lone girl amongst the “losers,” OPS training, the storytelling, deleted scene (BD) 
Cop Out The movie kicks in with a Beverly Hills Cop-style soundtrack, throws in a few Die Hard jokes and homages to ‘80s buddy comedies, but none of that saves this Kevin Smith-directed (but not written, and hence may be the problem) “comedy” that badly pairs Bruce Willis (normally suited to this kind of thing) and Tracy Morgan (who should have been funny but is mostly just painful to watch). They play a pair of bumbling cops who get mired in a plot involving drug dealers and a valuable baseball card Willis’s character needs to sell to pay for his daughter’s wedding, and ….oh, hell, I give up. You’re on your own. Watch Kevin Smith's funny intro to this exclusive clip. Extras: Deleted scenes (DVD); deleted scenes, trivia, 40 minutes of extended scenes/outtakes, walk-ons by Kevin Smith (BD)
A Town Called Panic Bizarre Belgian cartoon might remind you more of an acid trip than a kiddie-friendly Saturday morning, as a couple of stop-motion toys plan to buy a birthday gift for their friend but end up destroying his house, as wacky and weird hijinks involving pointy-headed creatures and the center of the earth ensue.
Mother Well-done Korean thriller about a mother who will stop at nothing to find a young girl’s killer and exonerate her beloved son in the process.
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