New on DVD: 'The Dictator,' 'A Separation' and Jack Black's Best-Ever Performance?

The Dictator Unlike his previous comedies centered around his unscripted Ali G characters interviewing real people in outrageous situations, Sasha Baron Cohen's latest is a scripted effort involving one General Aladeen, the ruler of a Middle Eastern state who finds himself out of his element in New York City. It starts out wickedly satirical, and damn funny, but after awhile too much potty humor overwhelms the good stuff and the movie's brisk 85 minutes starts to feel much longer.

Bernie In what's been called the performance of his career, Jack Black stars as the mincingly effeminate Bernie, a model citizen of a tiny east Texas town who first befriends the town's most hated old lady (Shirley MacLaine)--and then fills her full of shrapnel. Richard Linklater directs this excellent dark comedy that got a limited release, so check it out now.

Chimpanzee Another Disneynature documentary, this time following a family of primates with narration by Tim Allen. It's exactly what you expect.

A Separation The best foreign language Oscar winner of last year about an modern-day Iranian couple whose marriage hits the skids finally hits DVD/BD.

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