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New on DVD: 'The Croods', 'The Little Mermaid'

The Croods: Just going to prove that family squabbles and willful teenagers have been around for a verrrry long time is this prehistoric animated adventure, which follows the titular family as they hit the road looking for a new home. Nic Cage is the voice of Grug, the patriarch fearful of new experiences, while Emma Stone voices his obstinate daughter Eep. Once she meets the nomadic, fire-wielding Guy (Ryan Reynolds), all bets are off. When a landslide destroys the Croods' cave, they're forced to get out into the big, bad world, encountering fantastic and colorful creatures (flocks of pink birds, whales that live on land, blue tigers) -- and some scary situations involving lava and human-hunting animals. The movie is rated PG, so keep that in mind when showing your young ones.

The Little Mermaid: Precocious girls seem to be the theme of this week's new releases--and why not? You might have forgotten how much you loved this Disney classic when it came out in 1989, but this new Diamond Edition complete with 3D is here to remind you, and even introduce Ariel to your own little princess. You know the story: Against the king's wishes, free-spirited mermaid Ariel sets off on an adventure to the ocean's surface, falls in love with a human, and in a foolish turn of events, must save her father's kingdom from an evil witch. Fun extras include "Crab-e-Oke" sing-along of songs like the Oscar-winning "Under the Sea," Carly Rae Jepsen's video for "Part of Your World," and an introduction to a character that never made it into the film.

For even more Ariel, check the movie out now in theaters with The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live, an interactive event that features singing, contests, games and more via an iPad or iPad mini.

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