New on DVD: 'The Book of Eli' 'When in Rome' 'Youth in Revolt'

'The Book of Eli'The Book of Eli It's a dead, dead, dead, dead world, and Denzel Washington is bringin' holy back as he sets out to both protect the Bible and spread the Word on his way out west, believing it holds the secret to humanity's revival (and survival). At the same time, this true believer doesn't hesitate to put up a fight when challenged. Hot on the heels of the better (if even more depressing) The Road, Eli comes off as heavy-handed, humorless and about as much fun as sitting through mass. Watch this exclusive clip. Extras: Widescreen version, additional scenes, "Lost Tales" (DVD/BD); featurettes "Starting Over," "Eli's Journey," the soundtrack, PiP commentary with the directors and Washington (BD).

When in Rome Kristen Bell is an unlucky-in-love (riiiight) workaholic who plucks some coins out of a fountain in Italy and BAM! finds herself stalked by several goofy suitors including the not so goofy Josh Duhamel. Predictable rom-com whose only real plus is that it stars Bell and not Katharine Heigl. Extras: Blooper reel, deleted scenes, Katy Perry music video (DVD/BD); those plus alternate opening/ending, extended scenes and "Mischief on the set" featurette (BD).
Youth in Revolt Michael Cera does...ta-da, Michael Cera! in this comedy about a young man who wins the girl of his dreams by using his inner bad boy--who happens to be a Frenchman named Francois. Hey, who doesn't have one of those? Extras: Director and star commentary, deleted scenes/animation, audition footage (DVD/BD).
New to Blu
'Showgirls'Showgirls 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition At last, the release you've all been waiting for: the high-def version of the infamous Paul Verhoeven 1995 camp classic that really is the Final Word in unbridled Sin City romps. Stardust headliner Cristal (Gina Gershon) is having none of upstart showgirl Nomi's (Elizabeth Berkley) stiletto-high dreams; meanwhile Kyle MacLachlan and Robert Davi find themselves in the middle of this Vegas, Baby! catfight. New featurettes include "Pole Dancing: Finding your Inner Stripper" (OK!), a lap dance tutorial from the Girls of Scores, commentary, trivia track and a Showgirls diary. Replace the DVD that came with that collectible set you got 10 years ago that included the pasties and drinking game with this BD, and it's time to par-tay!
Darkman All kinds of great stuff this week! This one shows skin of a completely different kind. Sam Raimi's 1990 twist on the superhero genre stars Liam Neeson as the unwitting, hideously burned victim of some baddies with evil on their minds. Thanks to his experimentation with skin regeneration, he can trap them and see his girlfriend (Frances McDormand)--if only in 99 minute increments before his real identity is revealed. The effects were great for their time, and Raimi fans will enjoy the Evil Dead-like touches that are so obviously his style. The visuals and sound aren't great for BD-quality and there are no extras, but it's worth a look anyway.

Flash Gordon "FLASH! Ahahhhh...he'll save every one of us!" The campy 1980 space fantasy with the awesome Queen score may be dated and more than silly, but on Blu-ray, I can't recommend it enough. Colors are brilliant, drops of water so clear you feel like they're falling in your living room, and costumes so shiny you could see your reflection in Flash's red jacket-- or Ornella Muti's lipgloss. Any child of the '70s needs to get this ASAP. Extras: Nothing spectacular here. A few trailers, screenwriter commentary.

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