New on DVD: Streep Wows in 'Iron Lady,' 'Jaws' Gets Blu-ray Release Date

The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to hold the post of British Prime Minister, and she ran the country with her tough conservative politics for nearly 12 years--one of the longest tenures in office. Closely aligned with Ronald Reagan, her policies were similar: promoting privatization of business, lower taxes and self-reliance instead of government assistance. Who better to attack this biopic than Meryl Streep, who embodies the hard-liner in old lady clothes and pearls like nobody's business?

Unfortunately, the weak script focuses less on the PM's feats leading her country than it does on her addled later years, and as a docu-drama that should enlighten you about the impact she made as a woman in a man's world, it fails. As a tour de force performance by Streep, who finally won another Oscar for it, it absolutely wins. Extras: Making-of featurette, mini-featurettes on the costume design, Thatcher's late husband, the House of Commons and re-creating Thatcher as a young woman (DVD/BD)

Into the Abyss Werner Herzog turns his always fascinating gaze to a prison in Texas, interviewing a death row inmate convicted of a triple homicide as well as families of the victims to examine why people kill--whether it's in the heat of the moment, or at the hands of a jail warden. Extras: None

The Darkest Hour Emile Hirsch and Olivia Thirlby are a young couple stuck in Moscow during an alien attack. Didn't see it? Me either. 

New on Blu  The Oscar-winning film of Tennessee Williams' play A Streetcar Named Desire starring Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh debuts in high def, along with a 40-page hardcover collectible book of trivia, photos, history of the film and more. The BD includes brand new special features including five documentaries, a feature on director Elia Kazan, outtakes, commentary with costar Karl Malden, and more.




Just Announced! Jaws is getting the Blu-ray treatment August 14 complete with an independently made documentary about it, The Shark Is Still Working, a featurette on the film's restoration, another making-of doc and other cool stuff. The film is one of 13 getting digitally remastered as part of Universal's 100th anniversary this year. Now, who's ready to hit the beach?

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