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New on DVD: 'Moonrise Kingdom,' 'Madagascar 3,' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' Sizzle Reel

Moonrise Kingdom Critics hailed Wes Anderson's movie about two kids who fall in love and hatch a plan to run away together to be, if not his best, at least the most Andersonian of his films--and they're pretty much spot-on. If you're a fan of his offbeat, whimsical style--some call it twee, some call it brilliant, but no matter what it's always creative and classy--you'll love this movie. If you're not a fan, this won't turn you into one. If you're just a moviegoer who enjoys original storytelling and top-notch filmmaking, and don't mind the very "Anderson" surrealist affectations and a wafer-thin plot (it's less about the story than it is about the telling of it), definitely give Moonrise a look. Extras: "A look inside Moonrise Kingdom," set tour with Bill Murray, film location tours with narrator Bob Balaban (DVD/BD).

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
The best reviewed in the trilogy follows the zany, madcap antics of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra and the rest of the zoo-breaking gang as they try to get home to Central Park--by way of Europe. Extras: "Big Top Cast" look at the characters, deleted scenes, music mash-up, filmmaker commentary (DVD); a Blu-ray combo pack adds featurettes on the directing and animation, cast interviews, trivia track, and interactive game. There's also a 3D combo pack available. All versions come with a rainbow wig (woohoo!).

That's My Boy Adam Sandler gets back to being as foul and disgusting as humanly possible in this decidedly R-rated effort in which he plays a degenerate, absent father who crashes the wedding of his straightlaced, now-wealthy son (Andy Samberg). Extras: 5 deleted scenes, gag reel, 3 featurettes on the cast and cameos, the shoot location and scenes from "Classy Rick's strip club" -- don't say I didn't warn you. (DVD/BD). 

Chernobyl Diaries Throwaway horror film about some tourists exploring the Russian nuclear disaster site told in the ubiquitous "found footage" style--except, there's nobody shooting the footage, not any of the tourists or their guide. That's just one of the many half-baked aspects of this dumb waste of 90 minutes. Extras: Only the Blu-ray includes an alternate ending.  

2016: Obama's America Like it or not, this controversial, conservative doc about President Obama's life and presidency and where it may be headed the next four years set box office records when it quietly reached theaters in July and expanded in August. Written by onetime Reagan staffer Dinesh D'Souza, it's now available on DVD and VOD (but not Blu-ray).

New to Blu

A League of Their Own celebrates a 20th anniversary with Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell and baseball in high-def.

The cult movie impresarios at Shout! Factory have launched "Scream Factory," a cool series that brings old fan favorites to Blu-ray. First in line are Terror Train (David Copperfield and Jamie Lee Curtis, a bunch of college co-eds and a knife-wielding psycho--all aboooooaaard!) and The Funhouse (Tobe Hooper-directed homage to classic horror featuring a carny killer). Both offer a host of features and interviews.

The Dark Knight Rises: Sizzle Reel!  Batman hits home Dec. 4, and Warner Bros. has released this clip for it. Watch know what you want for Christmas.


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