New on DVD: 'Limitless, 'Take Me Home Tonight,' Plus National Lampoon Classics on Blu

Limitless Bradley Cooper is Eddie Morra, a burned-out loser-ish writer who smokes too much and hates his life--until a chance meeting with an old acquaintance turns him on to a new "smart drug" that unlocks his brain and gives him super-intelligence, endless energy and sets him off on a life of wealth and fame. All things do end, however, and for Eddie, maybe not so well. Extras: Featurette, "A Man Without Limits," the making-of, alternate ending, unrated version (DVD/BD)

Take Me Home Tonight Topher Grace said he wanted to make an '80s movie like John Hughes, and it's too bad this completely unfunny movie about three friends and one wild night (that rips off Hot Tub Time Machine big time) was it. Anna Faris, usually hysterical, is absolutely wasted in her serious role as Grace's sister; cringe-worthy Dan Fogler apes Zack Galifianakis; and even the soundtrack and costumes miss with a style mishmash of late '80s metal and early New Wave that makes no logical sense. Extras: 7 deleted scenes, cast get-together, music videos (DVD/BD)

New on Blu

Animal House To-GA! To-GA! Relive those wild college days with John Belushi, Tim Matheson, Karen Allen and Otis Day & the Knights in director John Landis' seminal frat party flick. Extras include BD Live, "The Yearbook," interviews with the cast and Landis; "Where Are They Now?" mockumentary and Scene It? trivia.

The Blues Brothers John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd team up as Jake and Elwood Blues, who hit the road to raise money for the orphanage where they were raised. Extras include BD Live, an extended version, making-of, musical highlights, and friends and family remember Belushi.

Bridget Jones's Diary The erstwhile tale of the lonely 30-something starring Renee Zellweger gets the high-def treatment with special features including "The Bridget Phenomenon" featurette, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes and director commentary.

Amelie This Oscar nominated movie starring Audrey Tautou as a painfully shy Parisian who finds her calling playing Cupid includes "The Look of Amelie" featurette, director/cast Q&A, auditions, and the making-of.

Also on BD: Chocolat, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Boyz N the Hood, Nowhere to Run

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