New on DVD: 'Goon' Shines in a Week of Weak Releases

You could easily peg Seann William "Stifler" Scott for a hockey player, but not necessarily a sweet, humble one. That, though, is exactly what he plays in Goon, which is less about the sport than it is about Scott's lovable-but-dumb jock Doug Glatt who has a knack for knocking people out. A former bouncer, he gets recruited by a down-and-out Canadian hockey team to defend its obnoxious star and put fear into the hearts of their opponents. At heart though, he's just a genuinely nice guy who wants to please his parents, works hard to support his team, and falls for the wrong girl on the way to the playoffs. Liev Schreiber co-stars as a rival thug, Jay Baruchel plays Doug's hilariously vulgar BFF, and American Pie's Eugene Levy makes an appearance as Doug's disapproving dad. Sadly, the movie only opened in some 200+ theaters a few months ago, so definitely seek this one out for home viewing. You don't have to be a hockey fan, or even a sports movie fan--but do be prepared for lots of blood and foul language. (The opening credits show a close-up of a bloody tooth flying midair in glorious slo-mo, if that gives you any idea.) Extras: Deleted scenes, blooper outtakes, interviews and commentary (DVD/BD)

We Need to Talk About Kevin  Tilda Swinton stars as a woman whose son killed seven classmates. Is the little sociopath a product of his distant and uncaring mother and lunkhead father, or was the baby just born that way? Extras: On-set interviews, Telluride Film Festival footage, featurette on "La Tomatina" Spanish tomato festival (DVD/BD)

Coriolanus Ralph Fiennes makes his directorial debut and stars in a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's revenge tale of an overthrown Roman leader who sides with his archenemy to destroy the city he once ruled. Extras: Ralph Fiennes commentary, a “The Making of Coriolanus” featurette (DVD/BD)

Man on a Ledge That this movie's screenwriter also penned O.J. Simpson's memoir If I Did It should tell you something about this absurd "thriller" that has Sam Worthington as a wrongly accused ex-con threatening to jump 20 stories to buy time while his brother is engineering a heist that will help clear his name. Hunh? is right. Extras: A 15-minute behind-the-scenes featurette, trailer with commentary by Elizabeth Banks (who plays the police negotiator) (DVD/BD)

Gone Is this the movie's title, or a description of Amanda Seyfried's career? Here she stars as a vigilante out to save her kidnapped sister--or maybe she's just nutso. See, she's a survivor of a serial killer attack (mmhmm) that the cops don't believe ever happened, and of course, now the serial killer's come back for her sibling. Extras: Would you believe, none? (DVD/BD)

True Blood Season 4 Given this fairly dismal load of movies this week, here's a TV release that may serve as the bright spot. All 12 episodes of the Southern gothic vampire series' fourth season are available in a box set that includes BD, DVD and digital copy. It's been some 9 months since we've visited Bon Temps; if you don't recall, this season the witch Marnie (Fiona Shaw, Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter movies) has cast a spell over some of the townsfolk, Sookie breaks up with both Eric and Bill, and Tara dies at the end--or does she? Pick this up in time to get prepped for season 5, starting June 10. Extras: Exclusive look at the post-production process with show creator Alan Ball, backstories of each episode, audio commentary with the cast (DVD/BD); the BD adds picture-in-picture backstory and character details and an interactive archive/guide.

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