New on DVD: 'Frankenweenie,' 'Dredd,' 'House at the End of the Street'

Frankenweenie If you're a fan of Tim Burton's eccentric, gothic style, particularly his Edward Scissorhands era, you will most certainly love this full-length version of the movie that almost killed his career when Disney fired him over the original short. If you've ever had a pet die on you (as I have recently; keep the Kleenex handy) you know how horrible it feels, and Burton captures that sadness and longing to bring back the dead--in this case, a young boy in fact does bring back his beloved Sparky from unexpected death with a wild experiment. The characters are freaky and probably too scary for young kids under 10, but the story is endearing and the stop-motion animation fantastic. If you can see this in 3D at home, definitely choose the option. Extras: "Frankenweenie" touring exhibit, "Pet Sematary" music video (DVD/BD); the BD adds the original short film, a behind-the-scenes featurette and an all-new original short of Sparky and his owner's home movie, which is partially seen in the feature film.    

Dredd People laughed that this movie was getting a remake after the disastrous 1995 Sylvester Stallone actioner, but this grimy film starring Karl Urban as the titular judge, jury and executioner (helmeted entirely throughout; you see his face only once) is actually a pretty good time. There's deadpan humor, slo-mo violence (3D is used to brilliant effect), a great female villain in Lena Headey and should satisfy genre fans and fans of the original comic. Extras: Featurettes on Dredd's 35-year history, visual effects, the 3D, the futuristic compound Dredd takes down, and Dredd motion comic prequel (DVD/BD).

House at the End of the Street Jennifer Lawrence stars in this horror thriller whose unrated cut offers a twist you didn't see in theaters. Here she plays the daughter of a mother (Elisabeth Shue) who hopes to start a new life in a small town, but instead they end up in a scary situation after finding out the neighbor next door isn't what he seems. Extras: "Sneak Peek," theatrical trailer, "Twixt" (look for it), American Horror Story TV spot, "Red Dawn" (look for it) (DVD/BD); the BD adds a featurette "Journey into Terror: Inside the House at the End of the Street. 

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Compliance Quite possibly 2012's most disturbing movie (at Sundance, audiences walked out and/or screamed at the director in the Q&A after) centers around a fast-food joint, where a pervert posing as a cop calls and convinces a store manager over the phone to do unspeakable things to her employee -- and she does them, without question. Even more terrifying: it's based on a true story, and there are more like it. Extras: Director commentary, "AXS TV: A Look at Compliance," trailer (DVD/BD).

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Hit & Run A surprisingly fun little road movie starring Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, who are trying to get to California so she can start a new life. The trouble is, he's in the witness protection program and shouldn't be going anywhere, which means all kinds of people are now after them: his former criminal cohorts (led by a dreadlocked Bradley Cooper) and a U.S. Marshall (Tom Arnold, actually hilarious). The real-life couple gives off great chemistry and as both a caper film and romantic comedy, it really works. Extras: Behind-the-scenes and plot explanation featurettes, "Love on the Run" look at the romance, deleted scenes (DVD/BD).

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