New on DVD: 'Bridesmaids'

Bridesmaids was overpraised and overhyped for being the female version of The Hangover, when really it bears little resemblence to that film beyond some bathroom humor and Kristen Wiig getting ridiculously high on booze and Valium on an airplane.

Wiig plays the loser with aplomb; Annie's a complete wreck, having lost her bakery in the recession she now lives with two Brit weirdos and occasionally fills in as jerky John Hamm's booty call. She's chosen, and then fails at being, bestie Lillian's (Maya Rudolph) maid of honor alongside a whacked-out group of bridesmaids--diarrhea jokes, slapstick pratfalls and general cattiness ensue, along with a requisite love story that ties it all up in the end to remind you that yes, it's still a chick flick after all. Sure, some of it is funny, but the movie drags in parts and goes off on unnecessary tangents, some of which are never resolved. There's too much of Melissa McCarthy and her "comic" relief in the form of lazy fat jokes, and hardly any of the strangely ignored bridesmaids played by Ellie Kemper (so great on "The Office") and Wendi McLendon-Covey. Rose Byrne handles her role nicely as the wealthy, overbearing friend who takes over the show, but it isn't long before one begins to wonder, why does Lillian set up her broke, awkward friend to fail so spectacularly? As supposed BFFs, doesn't she know better? And is achieving a Hangover level of guy-movie poop joke humor what "chick flicks" should aspire to these days for any credibility? In the end, it's Wiig's movie all the way--she's so good at being uncomfortable, you squirm in your seat for her. Extras: Feature commentary with the cast, gag reel, funniest-line roundup and TV ad for the jewelry store Annie works at (DVD/BD); the BD adds a lot more deleted/alternate scenes and gags, a making-of featurette, Wiig's "Drunk-o-Rama" best scenes; "Annie vs. Helen" montage and more.

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