New on DVD: ‘Avatar’ (4/22), ‘Crazy Heart’ ‘Minority Report' on Blu & More

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this Thursday comes James Cameron’s record-breaking moneymaker and Best Picture nominee, a little movie called Avatar that knocked their socks off at theaters. Interestingly, in an effort to coincide with Earth Day, Fox pushed to get this 2D DVD/BD ready in time for this month’s release at the sake of additional special features. 'Avatar'This version is ONLY the feature film, which filmmakers say ensures the audio/visual elements will be pristine. A 4-disc special edition planned for November will include a making-of doc, deleted scenes and more, as well as possibly a 3D conversion Blu-ray. Still, if you didn’t want to pay for 3D in theaters or you only saw it once, this is a great option to hold you over until fall.

Crazy Heart Jeff Bridges won Best Actor for his role as a boozy, broken country music singer who has lived hard and fast, but thanks to an encounter with a journalist sets on the road to redemption. Watch Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal talk about making the film in this exclusive clipExtras: 6 deleted scenes/alternate music cuts (DVD); 10 deleted scenes/alternate music cuts, commentary by the actors and digital copy (BD)

The Lovely Bones Peter Jackson attempted this movie, starring Saoirse Ronan as a murdered14-year-old girl who watches her family try to catch the killer from the psychedelic, vivid Technicolor of the Other Side. Extras: Nothing on the DVD; 3 hours bonus features including a 15-week production diary of the shoot (BD)
The Young Victoria Emily Blunt stars as the titular queen as a young woman, subject to the subtle political scheming of her family—including her own mother. It’s beautifully shot and offers an intriguing view of the time. Extras: 4 featurettes; deleted/extended scenes; a look at the costumes and locations (DVD/BD); movieIQ and BD-Live (BD)
Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This In 2009, the duo packed houses with their nationwide Light Up America tour. This movie, which opened day and date today in theaters, on DVD/BD, On Demand and streaming through PS3 and XBox 360 networks, features their San Antonio show. Even though the bits are so familiar you may think it's still 1978, it won't matter to fans of their brand of stoner comedy and the guys have the same chemistry they always had back in the day. Extras: 4 deleted/extended scenes (DVD/BD)
New to Blu
Minority Report Steven Spielberg’s sensational sci-fi thriller/futuristic noir starred Tom Cruise as a special forces cop who arrests murderers before they’ve committed a crime based on premonitions by psychics. All well and good—until his own name comes up in their visions, and he goes on the lam to find out what’s going on.
'Minority Report'
People, this is reference-quality HD, with a pristine 1080p, 2:39.1-framed transfer that manages to both look gorgeous and retain the gritty feel of the 2002 release. Extras: Previously released bonus material in SD; new HD features include “The Future According to Steven Spielberg,” “Inside the World of Precrime,” “Props of the Future,” “Commercials of the Future,” reports from the set and more.


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