'New Moon' Soundtrack Leaks – Listen Now!

We're not sure how it leaked, but those of you itching to listen to the full soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon can now do so one week before its official release date of October 20th. Based on the tracks I listened to, the soundtrack is definitely packed with dark, moody tunes that are sure to excite the angsty teenage vampire inside all of us.

Two of the more talked-about songs so far are "A White Demon Love Song" from The Killers and "Hearing Damage" from Radiohead's Thom Yorke. A lot of folks were surprised to see Yorke contribute to the album since Radiohead is a "cool" band and Twilight isn't very "cool" in the eyes of Radiohead's fans. That said, I think this soundtrack boasts some pretty decent music from some very good artists, and though it won't exactly get you up and dancing (seriously, it's all rather slow and designed for people who can't really get over their last relationship), it's definitely worth a listen. We embedded the Thom Yorke song below, and you can check out more tracks over here and here, among other places online.



What do you think of the songs on the New Moon soundtrack? Was it everything you expected and more? Is it better than the soundtrack for Twilight?
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