'New Moon' Sells Out ... Big Time

As in…DVD sales, silly. What did you think I meant? I probably don't have to ask whether you were one of the many who purchased a New Moon DVD over the weekend, since Summit Entertainment announced today that they sold a whopping 4 million DVDs in just the first weekend alone. So much for folks renting the thing through Netflix or Blockbuster, right?

'New Moon' on DVD

The original Twilight sold 3.8 million DVDs in its first weekend on the shelves -- eventually going on to sell 9.2 million copies to become the top-seller of the year – so seeing as New Moon is already ahead of that tally, there's a good chance we're looking at yet another Twilight film taking the 2010 DVD title. And it's not all that surprising, either, since retailers across the country turned the DVD release into an event – staging parties in their stores, and welcoming cast members to join in on all the fun. The fact that Summit also included special editions with sneak peeks at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse definitely didn't hurt sales, and all of this stuff combined simply made for a DVD frenzy.
Were you one of the four million people who bought a copy of the New Moon DVD? Are you happy with the version you received, or do you wish there were more special features? If you could speak directly to the folks who will create the Eclipse DVD, what would you like to see more of…or, alternatively, less of?
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