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New 'Man of Steel' Pics as WB Teases Big Announcement, Says Nolan Not Involved with 'Justice League'

The discrepancy between Marvel and DC's movie universes are well-known. On the one hand, you have the juggernaut Marvel, who with the backing of Disney are set to launch their "Phase Two" series of movies with Iron Man 3 next month, not to mention a re-energized set of characters owned by FOX and Sony (Wolverine, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four). Marvel has everything meticulously planned out well into the future, or at least through 2015.

Meanwhile, there's DC Comics who in conjunction with Warner Bros. is still struggling to find a plan. The massive success of Marvel's The Avengers only added to the mounting issues the studio faces in trying to get their comic book movie universe in order.

Sure, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy was huge and he's back to produce Man of Steel with Zack Snyder directing. New pics from the Superman movie can be found below as the film is featured in EW's Summer Movie Preview issue.

WB president Jeffrey Robinov has shot down an on-going rumor that Nolan is developing a Justice League movie for the studio. Nolan's representative also confirmed that the director is solely working on his new sci-fi thriller Interstellar.

So does that mean WB is done with Nolan? Maybe, maybe not.

Robinov teased that the studio will have a big announcement in the next few weeks in regard to their DC Comics properties.

"We'll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC character and the movies we're going to be making," he said.

When asked if Nolan's Batman trilogy stands alone, Robinov replied, "They do. Or they did. Where we go in the future is a whole other conversation."

Man of Steel producer Charles Roven has teased that his movie will set the tone for movies such as Justice League and other DC Comics movies to come. Justice League is tentatively slated for 2015, though that could change with this pending announcement.

Meanwhile, one movie that is definitely opening June 14 nationwide is Man of Steel. Check out a new batch a pics from the pages of EW, no newsstands Friday.


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