New 'American Reunion' Trailer Brings Back Everyone and Everything, Including the Flute

American Reunion is the type of sequel that no one was demanding, but that makes perfect business sense and will probably make a fat stack of cash at the box office. It's been long enough since American Wedding that people have lost any sequelitis they were stricken with (those straight-to-video spin-offs don't factor), but not too long that interest in the novelty of seeing Jason Biggs and the gang together one more time has evaporated entirely.

Universal has just released a new trailer for the film, and if you are an American Pie fan, it's like a roll call of all the franchise's memorable moments and gags (though the pie is curiously missing in this new trailer, but don't worry, it's in almost all of the other marketing materials). though they're all brought back together by a high school reunion, Shannon Elizabeth and the rest of the gals look to take a back seat to the males, but then again, it's always been more about Jim and company's stupid sexual misadventures, anyways.

So what do you think? Does American Reunion look like a good time? Or has American Pie's pop culture relevance come and gone?



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