Neve Campbell Won't Return to 'Scream' Franchise

Not long ago it was announced that original Scream (and Scream 2) writer Kevin Williamson was returning to help re-launch the franchise with a new Scream installment that wasn't a reboot, but a sequel. Shortly after the news hit, it was reported that Williamson was trying to get Courteney Cox-Arquette, David Arquette and Neve Campbell to reprise their roles in some capacity for the new film, and while it looks like he might get the Arquette couple to come back (if Courteney Cox can somehow work it in around her TV schedule), it's not looking good for Sidney Prescott herself, Neve Campbell, who was the main focus of the entire original trilogy.

Williamson first doled out the bad news via his Twitter page, saying "Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario. She won't do it. This sucks." After deleting that message, he later clarified his comments to PopWrap, telling them the following: "I've had numerous conversations with Neve. She's a friend. Nicest girl on the planet. It just ain't workin' out and it sucks for me." Williamson also noted that Campbell's role was "no cameo" and that her declining to participate means he has to go back to the drawing board and re-work the script.

Of course, as a fan of the original, I hope Campbell's non-involvement won't force Williamson to either give up on the project or work in an unconvincing plot thread that maybe kills off the Sidney character without us actually getting to see her killed off. And seeing as how he's having all these story problems now, I do wonder if perhaps Sidney would've turned out to be the killer in a fourth installment. Guess we'll never know…

Are you still looking forward to Scream 4 without Neve Campbell, or do you think it's a mistake to make a new sequel in the first place?

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