Need More Celebrity Gossip? Try Reading 'WTF, Hollywood'!

Zach GalifianakisAre you desperately in need of more celebrity gossip and controversial film-related stories, but the same old boring magazines and websites aren't doing it for you anymore? Perhaps you only want to know the big stories – the ones everyone will be talking about at school or around the water cooler at work – and you need a sort of filter; something that doesn't have all that extra fluff.

Good news for you, then, is that your favorite Fandango Popcorn Blog writer (ahem, me!) is now the author of a daily blog over at called WTF, Hollywood. It's not all celebrity gossip; I try to cover a range of topics from who's divorcing who to which stupid board game Hollywood is looking to make into a film next. It's sort of a no-holds-barred arena that allows all of us to vent about the ridiculously absurd things we see coming out of Hollywood, and we just opened up the comments section this week so that you all can participate more.

Here are a couple story headlines from this week:

Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce After Being Accused of Cheating

Zach Galifianakis Poses for Worst Swimsuit Photos of the Year

Katherine Heigl's Wild Hot Tub Parties

Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed ... Again

See what I mean? So if you like all that stuff, definitely stop by and say hey. I look forward to seeing you, like, right now. Go! Hurry!

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