Movie Superbowl Ads Revealed

Sure, lots of people watch the Superbowl because they actually like watching big football games, but everyone else watches it because they like the big, flashy, expensive commercials. And if you’re a movie fan, you watch to see which cool new trailer will be premiering. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that many of this year’s most highly anticipated films will dump trailers on us during this big game. What should you be looking forward to?

 Captain America

For some odd reason, both Warner Bros. and Fox won’t have trailers, which is weird for Fox because the Superbowl is on Fox and they have X-Men: First Class coming out this summer – a movie you’d think they’d want to give some love to on sports’ biggest stage.
Are you happy with this lineup? Which Superbowl trailer are you looking forward to seeing the most?
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