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Morning Must-Read: 'The Hobbit' Frame Games, Reese Witherspoon Grows a 'Beard' and 'Hunger Games' Finds Its Brutus

When Peter Jackson screened scenes from The Hobbit at CinemaCon earlier this year, some audience members balked at the director’s decision to shoot his footage at 48 frames per second (faster than the usual 24 frames per second), which creates a more realistic look that can be tough for the eye to adjust to and accept. It’s not just that the image looks more realistic. It’s that the image didn’t fit with the fantasy realm Lord of the Rings fans think that they want to see on screen when they journey to Middle Earth. 
Jackson’s holding steadfast to his commitment to 48fps, but Warner Bros. has agreed to give ticket buyers more of a choice when The Hobbit opens in December. According to Variety, the studio will tread lightly into the world of high-frame-rate, and will only open The Hobbit in “select locations, perhaps not even into all major cities.” Sources close to the production say that the Jackson’s footage looks much better than what people saw at CinemaCon … but people who have no interest in HFR films won’t have to sit through a 48fps Hobbit if they don’t want to. 
It will be interesting to see which version of Jackson’s movie audiences eventually support. We’ll see when the film opens on Dec. 14.
Trailer Watch: Clint Eastwood is back on screen for Trouble with the Curve, a sentimental drama that casts the icon as a baseball scout heading out on one last recruiting trip with his estranged daughter (Amy Adams). The film will be directed by Eastwood protégé Robert Lorenz, and marks the actor’s first screen role since 2008’s Gran Torino. Curve already is generating Oscar buzz. What do you think of this first trailer?
Gerard Butler’s efforts in the romantic-comedy genre have been hit and miss. Will he have good chemistry with co-star Jessica Biel in Playing for Keeps? Judge from the trailer, which establishes Butler as a down-on-his-luck soccer star who agrees to coach his son’s team as a way of putting his life back together. Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid co-star, while The Pursuit of Happyness helmer Gabriele Muccino directs.
Rom-Coms and dramas aren’t your cup of tea? ShockTilYouDrop has a first look at the psychological thriller The Loft, a remake of a Belgian hit that follows five men who own a plot of land where they entertain their mistresses. But when a woman’s body is found on the property, the men begin to turn on each other. Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Rachael Taylor, Rhona Mitra, Valerie Cruz and Isabel Lucas star, though the film doesn’t yet have a release date. The trailer is a bit NSFW with some nudity and an F-bomb. Here’s the trailer:

Casting Call: Much like Gerard Butler, Reese Witherspoon has dabbled in her fair share of romantic comedies. Her next one, according to THR, will be called The Beard, and will cast the Legally Blonde Oscar winner as a girl who agrees to pose as the girlfriend of a closeted gay man. Hijinks ensue. Witherspoon will produce, optioning a spec script by Becca Greene.
We can’t go a day without bringing you new Hunger Games or Twilight news. Today, we have both. 
Lionsgate confirmed in a release that actor Bruno Gunn has been cast as former Career victor Brutus in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Gunn’s previous credits include the Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher, and the television shows The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sons of Anarchy.
Meanwhile, Bella and Edward grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview. Expect even more Twilight photos inside the magazine issue. 
Another Dimension: Finally, James Cameron announced that he is establishing a branch of his 3D-technology company Cameron Pace Group in China. "This is an enormous untapped market that is right on the verge of the transition from 2-D to 3-D," said Cameron in an interview. "This is the best place for us to create a kind of second home."
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