'Monsters University' Roundup: Go Back to College with Interviews, Clips, Concept Art and More!

This may be the first official weekend of summer, but many of you will be going back to college. Monsters University arrives in theaters and reunites us with our scare buddies Mike and Sulley. While you're waiting for class the movie to start, check out some cool tidbits from the movie!

Billy Crystal, John Goodman and the cast of Monsters University talk about what the perfect age range for young kids is to watch the film and what kind of message the prequel carries in our exclusive interview. You can also read more about When Can I Watch Monsters University with My Kids in our Family Room.

Here, Crystal and Goodman (sounds like a blues-rock band) talk more about their prequel and why it’s a classic Pixar movie. Below, you can also watch Steve Buscemi talk about his character Randall "Randy" Boggs and Helen Mirren on what makes Pixar movies so great.

Before Monsters University made it to the big screen, it lived as concept art. Here are a few still from the early days of development.

Let's jump into a couple of clips from the film. Granted, my favorite sequence is the obstacle course (feel free to tell us yours in the comment section), but here we see Mike and Sulley get a taste of frat life.

If we're talking Pixar, there's definitely going to be fan art. Here's just a few including an anime Monsters U and poster art.

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