Miramax, Facebook Team Up to Stream Movies

As if you didn’t spend enough time on Facebook, now you can start watching movies there. The social networking giant has teamed up with Miramax to start streaming movies. Beginning today, Miramax launched a beta version of their first Facebook app – Miramax eXperience. The app allows users to watch movie clips and feature length films as well as play games and share the experience with Facebook friends.

The app is compatible with multiple devices including PC, iPad and Google TV. Miramax says the app will be made available to Facebook users worldwide. The library currently holds 20 titles in the U.S. and 10 each in the U.K. and Turkey. Among the U.S. titles are Clerks, Gangs of New York, Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Spy Kids and Trainspotting.
Right now the app only supports rental VOD with each film costing 30 Facebook credits ($3) for a 30-day rental, though the viewing window is 48 hours once you start to watch. Miramax says they plan to give consumers the ability to buy and store films in their own cloud-based digital locker so they can be accessed on any PC, smartphone, tablet or TV.
Miramax worked closely with Facebook to create the concept, which integrates the Miramax universe into Facebook profiles and news feeds. The app even includes a game that allows people to cast friends in various roles of Miramax movies and unlock bonus content.
A big believer in Facebook, Miramax says that over 50 million Facebook users mention a Miramax title in their profile, interact with the Miramax Facebook page or “like” Miramax titles and talent. The company plans to ultimately triple that number and build its reach to 150 million users within the next 18 months.
Will you be one of those users whom Miramax adds to their tally? Are you interested in this app and what other app features and movies titles would you like to see?


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