Miley Cyrus to Star in Adaptation of Young Adult Novel ‘Wake’

Miley Cyrus has spent the past year trying to slowly transition her tween, Hannah Montana vibe into something a little sexier and more adult. Not only has she put out a new album and performed a number of times while wearing next to nothing on stage, but the singer-turned-actress is also trying to bolster her acting career by segueing from somewhat tween-skewed films like Hannah Montana: The Movie and The Last Song to stuff that’s a little … scarier.

Miley Cyrus

The Risky Business blog reports that Cyrus has signed on to star in an adaptation of the young adult novel Wake, in which she’ll play a 17-year-old who can see other people’s dreams. Freaky. The book is part of a larger trilogy, with the second and third titles (Fade and Gone) having already been snatched up as well. So, yeah, if Cyrus can turn Wake into the next Twilight, then we should expect to see the gal star in all three films.
Wake looks to be another in a long line of young adult properties that Hollywood studios are trying to snag and film in an attempt to discover the next gold mine. With both Harry Potter and Twilight coming to an end within the next two years, expect several potential franchises to try to fill the void.
Have you read any of the books? Do you think Miley Cyrus would be good in the lead role? Is this the next Twilight? Sound off below …
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