Michael Moore Talks Occupy Wall Street, His Memoir and How He Almost Became a Radical Priest

For the better part of the past couple months, filmmaker/provocateur Michael Moore has been in the news touring the front lines of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Moore stopped by Jimmy Fallon's late night show to talk about the movement as well as share a few snippets from his upcoming memoir.

Moore opened the conversation about how he wanted to be a priest and managed to convince his parents to allow him to leave home at 14. Moore said at the time, there were so many radical priests protesting against war and the government and that he wanted to be a part of that movement. A year into his priest studies, he decided that radical priestdom wasn't for him and when he went to tell the church he was quitting, he was fired by one of the fathers, who added, "I pray for those who will have to endure you."
Moore also revealed that at age 18 he was one of the youngest elected officials in U.S. history. Granted, it was for a position to his local school board, running on the platform of firing the principal and vice principal. Moore's campaign came at a time when 18-year-olds had just been given the right to vote and he reasoned that he could get 18- 25-year-old stoners to vote for him. People were so scared of his campaign that they ran six other people against him, splitting the vote, but Moore ended up winning.
The conversation eventually turned to Occupy Wall Street, with Moore saying that he'd been waiting for a long time for people to step up and that the movement is being driven by young people because it's their future that's being stolen.
Fallon closed with the elephant in the room, asking Moore if he would make a movie about the Occupy movement, to which Moore reluctantly answered that he'd been making films about corruptions and corporate America for over 20 years. It seemed a roundabout way of saying that if the movement continues to grow, Moore might consider jumping in front of the camera again, but don't hold your breath.
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