Michael Jackson Music Video Road Trip

With the passing of Michael Jackson, we started to think of all of his great music videos and where exactly they were shot. Since everyone is camping out at either Neverland, his rented mansion in Holmby Hills or his parents estate in Encino, we thought we'd take fans on a road trip of some of the locations used in Michael Jackson's greatest videos.

What are some of those great music videos, you ask? We've put together a small sampling of five of his best to check out here. Although he certainly didn't invent the medium of the music video, Jackson probably did as much as anyone to help redefine it -– by lavishing huge budgets on his more lengthy productions (that almost play like feature film shorts) and hiring feature film directors like Scorsese, John Singleton, Spike Lee and John Landis –- other feature film directors he worked with include Lucas and Coppola (on Captain EO) and Sidney Lumet (on The Wiz).

Have a great location we might have missed for our road trip? Let us know.

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