'Men in Black 3' Nabs Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Though it was officially announced a few months back, the third installment of the Men in Black franchise has been resting somewhere in limbo for awhile now since, as far as we knew, Will Smith hadn't yet decided whether or not he wanted to commit to that project or another one. Sure, we kept hearing rumors about Josh Brolin being involved, and maybe even Sacha Baron Cohen playing an alien, but it all really came down to was the film's mega-star Will Smith. After all, he's the one who's really selling the movie.

'Men in Black'

Good news for fans of the franchise is that, according to director Barry Sonnenfeld (via Showbiz 411), both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are set to reprise their roles for Men in Black 3, which, not surprisingly, will also be heading our way in 3D. Right now it seems they're just waiting for a finished script, and, according to Showbiz 411, in all likelihood Sony will move fast to try to secure a summer 2011 release since they're now missing one due to Spider-Man's move to 2012.
If that's the case – and they're pushing for 2011 – that means Men in Black 3 will be converted to 3D, instead of shot in 3D. And that may be fine, except we're all a little scarred over how cruddy Clash of the Titans'conversion looked, so here's hoping they allow some more time for Men in Black 3.
What do you think about Men in Black 3? Are you a fan of the franchise? Do you think we need another sequel? I mean, I guess bringing back the two stars from the original installments won't hurt…right?
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