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Meet John McClane's Son in New 'Die Hard' Featurette

By now you know that there's another Die Hard movie coming to theaters soon (Feb 14, 2013 to be exact) and while we know that Bruce Willis is back Yippie-kai-yay-ing some terrorist butt in Moscow, not much has been mentioned about his son, Jack.

We got a glimpse of him in the most recent trailer but not much else.

A new featurette sits down with Jai Courtney as he talks about playing the younger McClane. We get a few new one-liners and more footage from the heavily touted chase sequence that took 83 days to film.

Check out the latest featurette. Was Courtney the right choice to play Willis' son in A Good Day to Die Hard? Are you anticipating this movie or do you no longer care about the Die Hard fanchise?

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