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Matt Damon Who? Jeremy Renner Rocks in Latest 'The Bourne Legacy' Trailer

Oh, Matt Damon. You probably should have listened to Tony Gilroy and went ahead with The Bourne Legacy. Because a new trailer just hit, and the movie looks sick.
Instead of Damon in the lead, audiences get Jeremy Renner, who’s poised to have a massive summer movie season. The Hurt Locker star already smashed box office records as a member of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. And in August, Renner looks to bookend the blockbuster frame by delivering the goods in a renovated Bourne film. 
The Bourne Legacy, which opens on Aug. 3, extends the Bourne story from the previous three movies but shifts focus to a completely different spy. CIA operative Aaron Cross (Renner) went through the same training program as Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne, and now must put his specialized skills to good use in a new mission. 
But Legacy isn’t a complete reboot. Characters from the previous three Bourne movies exist in this new film, and the latest trailer goes one step further to explain how the events in Legacy connect to Damon’s Bourne efforts (specifically, it seems, to 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum). 
Here’s the latest trailer, which should whet your appetite for hard-hitting Bourne action:

From the looks of the trailer, Damon’s actions in Ultimatum have triggered the agency behind the super spies to wipe the slate clean … which means they are coming after Renner’s Cross. It’s a very clever way to keep the action contained to the established Bourne universe, while also moving the story forward in a different direction. It also creates enough wiggle room to allow Damon back into the fold should the actor decide he wants to play Jason Bourne one more time – possibly alongside Renner’s character. 
Either way, the action looks fantastic. Gilroy, who penned previous Bourne movies for director Paul Greengrass, steps behind the camera and looks to do a fantastic job with the action. This trailer has us amped up for the next Bourne chapter. Does it do the same for you?
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