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Matt Damon Is Convinced He's Not Needed for Fifth 'Bourne' Movie

Jeremy Renner may be the new face of the Bourne franchise, but fans of the first three movies have been holding out hope that Matt Damon would return at some point.

We know that Damon won't be in The Bourne Legacy, but what about in a fifth Bourne movie? As Legacy approaches its August 10 release date, that's a question that Damon has been answering a lot lately. In short, his response is, "maybe, but probably not."

Though Damon has repeatedly said that he'd be open to returning to the franchise if there's a strong script, he still contends that if he can't make one that's up to par with the previous films, "we really should leave it alone." He also thinks that he could be out if Legacy is too good.

"Tony [Gilroy] is really smart, he's a really good writer and a really good director and I'm sure he's made a good movie. The question will be if they can franchise that movie, because if they can, then they'll be done with me. They'll just keep making those."

All signs point to Legacy having a healthy opening. Initial estimates have the film opening to around $40 million, which would place it behind Supremacy ($52.5 mil) and Ultimatum ($69.2 mil) in the Bourne opening weekend rankings.

Would you like to see Damon return to the Bourne franchise at some point or has his character's story arc been sufficiently flushed out in the first three movies?

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