Massive Marvel Round-Up: 'Capt. America,' 'Thor,' 'Guardians,' 'Fantastic Four,' 'Avengers 2' and More

Massive Marvel Round-Up: 'Capt. America,' 'Thor,' 'Guardians,' 'Fantastic Four,' 'Avengers 2' and More

All eyes will be on Iron Man 3 this weekend as it continues to rake in a massive box office. Thursday night screenings brought in $15.6 million and the film crossed over the $300 million mark globally. Estimates have the third stand-alone Iron Man movie bringing in around $160 million over the weekend. Check back here on Monday morning to see where things stand on the Iron Man 3 box office.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of other Marvel properties making news over the past couple of days and so while you wait in line at your local theater to see Tony Stark and company, here's what else is going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First Look at Anthony Mackie as The Falcon; Capt. America: The Winter Soldier Concept Art

Earlier this week, the first look at Anthony Mackie on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrived online. You'll have to imagine that Mackie has huge CGI wings in these pics set against a green screen. Check out the full batch here.

Also, in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly (which features Iron Man on the cover), we get a look at new concept art of The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes grabbing Cap's shield with his cybernetic arm. Sebastian Stan will play the character in the sequel which is due in theaters April 4, 2014.

Thor Stands Tall in New Pic; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly also contains a new pic from Thor: The Dark World. Not much to this pic other than Thor appearing to get set to do battle with an un-pictured enemy. The teaser trailer for Thor: The Dark World will be attached to select screenings of Iron Man 3 this weekend, but you can also watch it here.

Also revealed in the pages of EW is the confirmation that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will appear in The Avengers 2. Joss Whedon had hinted at a sibling duo in the sequel at the recent Iron Man 3 red carpet premiere. Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige would only say, "I'm not confirming or denying. The draft could change six months from now." Basically, that just confirms the duo appear in Whedon's first draft of the script which he acknowledged is "an evolution."

Zoe Saldana Officially Confirmed To Play Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy

A few weeks ago word leaked out that Zoe Saldana had been in talks for the role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. During an interview with EW, Feige said, "audiences will respond to an alien Zoe Saldana," a statement which confirms the actress will star in the film.

Gamora is the adopted daughter of supervillain Thanos, a character that was teased at the end of Avengers and mentioned as potential antagonist in upcoming Marvel movies.

Additionally, Saldana spoke with Absolute Radio at the world premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday. Watch the video below. Guardians of the Galaxy is due in theaters August 1, 2014.

Fantastic Four Reboot Reveals Potential Cast

Fox's reboot of Fantastic Four appears to have singled out a few actors this week.

Allison Williams was briefly mentioned in a Deadline news brief on Tuesday of being up for the role of Sue "Invisible Woman' Storm, though there appears to be other unmentioned actresses up for that role.

While we wait to hear more about that role, The Wrap revealed that director Josh Trank wants Michael B. Jordan for the role of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch. Trank directed Jordan in last year's well-received Chronicle.

Obviously casting Jordan in the role changes the original race of the character who is white in the Marvel books and was previously played by Chris Evans. Switching Storm's race could affect the casting of Sue Storm as they are siblings in the Fantastic Four story.

Fox remains silent on the matter, but the trade cites that multiple sources are saying the director and actor are ready to reunite and reporter Jeff Sneider is pretty spot on with casting news. We'll just have to wait and see how this one shakes out. Fox has slated the reboot for March 6, 2015.

Ghost Rider, The Punisher and Blade Movie Rights Revert Back to Marvel/Disney

Finally, the Marvel/Disney cast of characters just grew a bit bigger. Last week, it was revealed that the movie rights to Daredevil would revert back to Marvel/Disney in the fall. Today, we've learned that the movie rights to Ghost Rider, The Punisher and Blade will also be returning to Marvel/Disney.

The three characters are certainly darker and more mature than any of the characters represented in the current MCU line-up and there are rumors that Marvel Studios is planning to move forward with new movies centered on the three characters. Of course, much like Daredevil, any film starring these three characters won't be arriving in theaters for several years. Who do you like to see play these characters on the big screen?


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