Marvel Offers Rourke $250K for 'Iron Man 2'?

Mickey Rourke's swinging comeback on the big screen has Marvel reportedly offering him $250,000 to sign on as the main villain in Iron Man 2. Excuse me? Did I read that right? The man just received an Oscar nod for The Wrestler and won his first Golden Globe—and Marvel's only offering $250,000? I know the economy's bad, but that's ridiculously cheap. Iron Man made $582 million worldwide. If Marvel's offer was legit, I think they can afford to spend a little more chump change! It's this kind of offer that made Samuel L. Jackson turn down the Nick Fury role in the same movie.

Mickey Rourke Don't get me wrong, but Rourke seems like he's willing to work hard for his paycheck. To prepare for The Wrestler, Rourke not only used his experience as a real boxer, he also trained with Freddie Roach, who trained boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. If Rourke's dedication is any indication of what he can do for Iron Man 2, his sign-on along with the star power of Robert Downey, Jr. should beef up the proceeds.

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