'Marshall' Co-stars to Reteam in 'Greek'

For once, the movie lived up to the hype. Right before its release, all of the over-the-top marketing for Forgetting Sarah Marshall seemed a bit overkill. And weird. It could be me, but the whole plastering the city with "I Hate Sarah Marshall" graffiti almost made me not want to see it. But, it turns out the marketers, and the critics, were right. Sarah Marshall is everything it's supposed to be, another smart, funny, sassy, sunny and definitely raunchy comdey from the makers of The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad. It came in second last week to The Forbidden Kingdom, but I'm betting this one (my personal favorite of the Apatow movies so far) will have serious legs. Word of mouth should keep it going long into summer.

There's more good news, too, for those who are fans. Russell Brand, the movie's hilarious alt-rocker (see interview), has now been cast in another Apatow project called Get Him to the Greek alongside co-star Jonah Hill. A lot of Marshall's best moments (especially one particular line) are due to their oddball pairing, so the new movie -- in which Hill plays an insurance adjuster assigned to get Brand's wild rocker from London to L.A. for a gig -- could be comedy gold. Another positive sign: Marshall helmer Nicholas Stoller will once more take the director's chair.

Which two guys look like they have the least in common?
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