Marrieds at the Movies: 'The Heat' Overcomes Some Glaring Flaws. Also: Boobs

Marrieds at the Movies: 'The Heat' Overcomes Some Glaring Flaws. Also: Boobs

Every Friday night, sends cinephiles (and newlyweds) Sarah and Joe Piccirillo to see a film. Afterwards, they answer a few questions about it. Below is their discussion.


The Heat

Synopsis: Can by-the-book FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) work with local detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) to take down a drug lord? Think Bad Boys meets Bridesmaids. Plus, Joey McIntyre.  


Was this a good date movie?

Joe: After enduring Identity Thief I was dreading this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. For a date movie, it’s okay – it’s funny and harmless. There’s a lot of estrogen here and that’s either a blessing or a curse.

Sarah: It didn’t create a sexy vibe. Despite buckets of cursing, it’s wholesome and huggy and encourages emotional eating. I can’t imagine anybody wanting to hook up after watching it.

Joe: It’s probably the greatest, filthiest abstinence-only program ever designed.

Sarah: Second only to the Human Centipede trilogy.

Joe: Or The Klumps.


Forget about a date; with all the cursing, would you bring your mom to this movie?

Sarah: I want to recommend this to my mom because I think she’d enjoy the humor and the feel-good, misfits-find-a-friend storyline. But now I’m thinking that the same stream of expletives that don’t faze me would probably give her PTSD. I’m torn.

Joe: This is a tough one since my mother abhors bad language but loved Oz.

Sarah: Oz? As in… “the Great and Powerful”?

Joe: No, not the Disney film; the HBO series that shows round-the-clock prison rape.



What did you learn?

Joe: The amount of heart given to Melissa McCarthy throughout the film is directly proportional to the amount of laughs you’ll have when seeing her violently kick someone in the shins. 

Sarah: Director Paul Feig has the same soft spot for outcasts that he had when he was doing Freaks and Geeks.

Joe: According to IMDb, actress Jessica Chaffin’s boobs are given their own entry in the cast list. I cannot unlearn this.

Sarah: Stabbing is hilarious.

Joe: I knew it. Yeah, they played all the violent comedy so straight, it was like watching The Heat with the cast of Seinfeld.

Sarah: McCarthy and Bullock are insanely charming together and the only reason this movie manages to overcome some very glaring flaws.


What will you be thinking about tomorrow?

Sarah: So many subplots get dropped. There must have been tons of footage on the cutting-room floor. I think they took the plot from an old episode of Monk and then just let McCarthy riff on ball jokes.

Joe: Isn’t it a little early to create an Oscar buzz? Sometimes the SNL/Mad TV comics can play serious roles well, but in this movie they ham it up so much it kills the mood.

Sarah: Speaking of mood killers, I’m bored of the obligatory screaming, trashy Boston-family stereotype. It’s tired and nobody does a good accent (I’m looking at you, Jane Curtin.)

Joe: I enjoyed the opening credits – it had nothing to do with anything else in the film, but I liked it anyway. [Note: Jessica Chaffin’s boobs were not listed in the opening credits.]



Joe: I resisted this movie’s charms for almost an hour. Then, I gave in; it was worth it.

Sarah: I laughed more than I expected to and that’s always a good thing. See it.

Sarah and Joe are writers/editors who live in Boston. They met in a bar and married within a year. They love to argue about early Woody Allen films and old romantic comedies. They both agree to hate musicals.


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