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'Man of Steel' Henry Cavill on His Version of Superman, Almost Playing James Bond and More

If you don't know who Henry Cavill is, chances are that is all going to change in a couple of weeks. Cavill, who spent his early career starring in the TV series The Tudors and most recently was featured in Immortals and The Cold Light of Day will be front and center when Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14.

You're bound to see his face on many magazine covers over the next few weeks. One of those magazines is Details, who got the opportunity to sit with Cavill and chat about his version of Superman, how he almost wound up playing James Bond, the grueling 162 day shoot and much more.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview. You can read the full interview here.

Michael Shannon (he plays the villain General Zod in Man of Steel) on Cavill pending fame:

"Henry's about to be one of the more famous people on the planet. Getting to play Superman is a blessing and a curse. It's a hard character to capture. He's devoid of animosity or sarcasm, but he's not a dullard either. It's an overwhelming movie, and Henry's right in the middle of it, and he just carries it like a champ."

On Almost Playing Superman When He Was 19:

"I was actually up for Superman before. I was very close to getting the job, and then the director changed and I was no longer part of the plan." [The director, McG, dropped the project because Warner Bros. wanted to film in Australia and the filmmaker was afraid of flying.]

On Almost Playing James Bond:

"I screen-tested for James Bond when I was 22. But Daniel [Craig] was above and beyond the best choice."

On the Grueling 162-day shoot:

"We did some of the first shots in Plano, Illinois and they'd get me up at the crack of dawn, and we'd go to work in this tiny gym at the bottom of the very cheap motel we were staying in. We'd go for an hour, an hour and a half, and then we'd film all day in 100-degree temperatures." Director Zack Snyder adds, "He's out there for hour after hour and I never hear a peep. Not a complaint. Never 'Can we hurry this up? Because I'm freezing.' I sort of expected it, you'd expect it from anyone, but it never came. I don't think it's even in the realm of possibility for Henry. He's that dedicated. He's that strong."

On His Version of Superman:

"My version of Superman, is essentially of a guy who has spent his whole life alone." 


Also, here's the latest TV spot which focuses on Clark's two fathers, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner).

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