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'Man of Steel' Already Getting a Sequel: Here's What We Know

Need a clear-cut indicator that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is going to be a massive hit that’s bound to dominate the summer box office? The movie hasn’t even reached theaters – it opens on Friday, June 14 – and Warner already has fast tracked a sequel. 
According to a report on the digital trade Deadline, Warner Bros. is expecting to surpass $100 million over opening weekend for Man of Steel, which is tracking very well with early box office indicators. As a result of raised expectations, the studio reportedly is moving forward on a second Superman movie, with director Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer back in the fold for part two. 
The trade speculates on the involvement of Christoper Nolan on the next Superman movie, saying that his contributions likely won’t be as increased because he’s moving on to his own features. 
What this calls into question, however, is how this news delays the oft-discussed Justice League movie, which many DC Comics fans thought Man of Steel would lead into… as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America’s stand-alone movies eventually led into The Avengers. But so many moving pieces need to snap into place before Warner can do a proper Justice League movie, including the casting of a new Batman and the introductions of heroes such as Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman. 
So it’s sounding like audiences might get a second stand-alone Superman movie before a Justice League movie is formed. Man of Steel 2 likely wouldn’t hit theaters anytime before late 2015, and that’s if Snyder and Goyer already had a plan in place and some of the wheels spinning. 
Stay tuned for more Man of Steel sequel news as it develops, and grab your tickets for Snyder’s Man of Steel now! 

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