Madden Video Game Becoming a Movie?

If you're a person who's played video games at some point over the past several years, then chances are you've crossed paths with John Madden's football game at least once. Regarded as one of the greatest sports video game franchises of all time, the Madden games were (and still are) always one step ahead of their competitors; introducing cool new features in a quest to make you feel like you're literally playing an NFL football game (minus some 300-pound dude tackling you while you sit on your couch with controller in hand).

John Madden's Video Game

With a game that successful, you'd think Hollywood would be out there trying to figure out a way to turn it into a movie. Sure, football movies exist (we see at least one every year), but how could you tie one to the Madden games without making it seem forced? Well, Electronic Arts (makers of the game) may have a solution, and according to The Wrap they're already well on their way to bringing their popular Madden brand to the big screen.
Essentially, the movie – which is currently being developed – will center on the "Madden Curse" and follow a Madden video game champion who's forced out of retirement just as his face is placed on the corner of the game's cover, thereby subjecting him to the curse. What is the curse? Well, it has to do with various football players either getting injured or having bad years following their appearance on the cover of the game. And yes, this has actually happened to Dorsey Levens, Marshall Faulk and Troy Polamalu, to name a few.
Question is: Would this actually work as a movie, or would you rather see actual people playing football over some video game champion losing fake matches during a video game tournament?
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