Les Grossman Movie Definitely Happening

We already told you that Tom Cruise was talking up a potential Les Grossman movie backstage at the MTV Movie Awards, and now Paramount has made the whole thing official by releasing a press release that confirms Cruise and Ben Stiller will be producing a movie based on the fictional foul-mouthed movie executive featured in Tropic Thunder. Cruise will most likely star (I mean, he’d kinda have to at this point), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben Stiller carved out a little role for himself as well.

Les Grossman

You might be saying to yourself: But Tropic Thunder came out two years ago – who cares about this guy now? True, though Grossman recently made a comeback by starring in a number of MTV Movie Award promos leading up to the show (a couple of which involved Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner), and he also made a big splash during the awards ceremony too.
But did the recent Grossman appearances make fans more excited for an eventual film, or did all the skits and sketches kind of play out Grossman’s shtick? I like Grossman as a supporting character who shows up for one or two scene-stealing moments, but as the lead character in a film all about him? I could see the funny melting away by minute 10. What about you?
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